Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some frequently asked questions answered below.
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Does Bayliss sell direct to the public?

Bayliss rugs are available through retailers/stockists and to the trade. (interior designers, builders, architects, etc) A list of retailers/stockists is on the Bayliss webpage is for your reference.

Can I visit a Bayliss showroom?

Yes. We welcome you to view our full collection. Mon-Fri 9-5pm

Do Bayliss rugs have a recommend retail price?

No. Each retailer/interior designer/decorator work with different prices. Bayliss choose the best retailers to stock our collection.

What are the standard sizes that Bayliss stock?

120/180, 160/230/ 200/300 & 250/350cm. Bayliss can custom make to any size.

How do I clean my rug?

Refer to the ‘care’ tab on the Bayliss webpage.

Why buy a Bayliss rug?

Bayliss have being supplying rugs since 1938 and is a company that you can trust. We design and manufacture our rugs according to the latest trends with quality being our focus. No child labour is used when making Bayliss rugs.

Does my Bayliss rug have a warranty?

No. However a Bayliss rug is hard-wearing & durable. The life of the rug will depend on the care taken to maintain the rug over the years.

Which is better wool or polyester?

Polyester is very durable & low maintenance but not as soft as wool. Both are easy to clean. Woolen rugs absorb more noise.

Will my rug shed?

Woolen rugs shed as this is a natural characteristic of wool fibre. The amount depends on the usage of the rug.

Should I use an underlay or rug pad?

Yes. It will hold the rug in place and protects the floor/carpet from spills/stains through the rug.

Where are Bayliss rugs made?

All around the world – Asia & Europe in particular.


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